Three basic steps of our healing methodology

Evaluating condition of each body part via scan & adjusting the balance of the body

When a practitioner applies specific sound frequencies to the body, the sound waves alter based on the state of health. Utilization of this “Body Scan” feature allows for, among a number of elements, the assessment of,the current bodily status and recent trends in the body’s condition.

Fine tuning the human energy field

It is said that the human body possesses 8 energy gateways (Chakras) at its core. By applying sound to each part of the body and conducting a body scan, assessment of the energy balance can be made while accelerating the circulation of energy residing both inside and outside the body.

Smoothing the energy field that surrounds the body

The energy field that envelops the body is checked for smoothness and adjusted by applying vibrations, thereby directing the aura towards a balanced state.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

Life is created by sonic radiation. Maintained by sonic radiation.
Destroyed by oscillatory disequilibrium.

Sir Dr. Peter Guy Manners

Basic concept of CymaSonic

CymaSonic Healing takes a holistic approach by enhancing our self-healing abilities via the resonance of specific combinations of sounds (frequencies) through each cell and organ in order to guide the body back to its original healthy state.

The CymaSonic system/framework

The sound source used in CymaSonic Healing is the result of over 50 years of research into sound frequencies. This research was carried out by Dr. Sir Peter Guy Manners in the United Kingdom and subsequently refined by Evolutionary Manners Sound Company of Japan, Dr. Gary Buchanan of the U.S. and by our organization.

Improving bodily symptoms/physical conditions

From helping to achieve energy balance for the body to restoring the natural beauty of your skin, we are available to provide consultation on a variety of applications where sound can be applied.

The link with self-recovery mechanism

By applying specific frequencies of sound to the body, each part of the body is directed towards a healthier state, enabling us to come closer to a “State of Wellness” in which natural abilities that our bodies possess can be fully utilized.

Improving the state of mind and spirit

Not only intended for alleviating physical discomfort, but even in cases where you may be experiencing difficulties dealing with your perception of the world, conflicting values, personal trauma, or anxiety surrounding relationships, CymaSonic Healing assists in the restoration of your original shining self, as if tuning a musical instrument.

Cyma Sonic - Composition of sound

A sound can be composed of five types of frequencies. Overtones associated with these frequencies potentially overlap infinitely to produce harmonious sound that comforts the mind and body.

The origin of frequencies used in CymaSonic Healing

Dr. Sir Peter Guy Manners, a British medical doctor and osteopath, developed the fundamental principle* of Cymatics and set numerous precedents for alleviating ailments by conducting research on the notion that each internal system within a healthy living organism emits specific frequencies of compound harmonic sounds in order to shape and maintain itself. CymaSonic Healing uses frequencies developed by Dr. Manners, Dr. Paul Nogier, a French physician known as the “Father of Auriculotherapy,” and other researchers. Further studies and development were made by Yukinori Matsusita, chairman of the Evolved Manners Sound Ltd Japan. Today Dr. Gary Buchanan of the U.S is updating the studies and practices. Their work includes adjustments made for use in modern applications.

* The theory that sound has the property of generating a force field that can create geometric patterns (actually demonstrated by Swiss physician and natural scientist, Dr. Hans Jenny).

Our therapists strive to enhance your “Self-Healing Ability”, taking into account the conditions listed below.

  • Conditions related to the bone, muscle, skin, or internal organs (internal and external secretion, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive system among others)

    Having each organ of the body experience vibrations helps to normalize the body’s balance and functionality while yielding healthy posture and lean muscles. Establishing contact with sound waves also enables you to maintain the highest state of wellness needed for realizing a body that is less susceptible to problems.

  • Beauty options

    Regardless of age or gender, beautiful skin represents overall good health. The vibrations that are felt help to restore the skin, hair, and nails back to their original healthy condition and shining beauty. 

  • The spirit, body, mind and the five senses: Balancing and more

    Several of the adjustments made include calibration of the energy balance and its channels. Through this process, the practitioner assists you in establishing a mental state in which conditions resulting from issues such as stress and trauma can be overcome with your own powers.  

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Overview of the healing process

We support the process of individuals using their own strengths to attain better conditions in the mind and body through the use of a holistic healing approach that helps to normalize the energy balance enveloping the mind, body, and soul.

At no time will we administer medication or conduct any form of massage that involves applying hard pressure. Using specialized equipment…..


Prior to the session, remove all metal objects including watches, accessories, and belts. Also take off glasses, contacts, and any other corrective lenses.

During the session, there may be times that the practitioner touches the body briefly to check muscle tension and transmission of sound.

You may become relaxed and sleepy.

After the session, you may experience warmth of the body, or in some rare cases, a prolonged floating sensation. 



The voice of our clients

“I feel fortunate that I have come across CymaSonic treatment on my journey to healing.  Asuka is a lovely therapist with her knowledgeable diligence and gentle touch, I was able to deeply relax, let go of all the tension that I was holding and went into meditative state during the session. I was able to experience the healing effect in just one session, as I felt reborn with renewed energy. Sound not only helped to induce relaxation, but also has a way of moving through areas of blockage. These energetic blockages can be located in our physical bodies, or our subtle bodies. The subtle body holds imbalances and past traumas that can eventually manifest in our physical bodies, which is why it’s important to look at healing and balance not only from a physical perspective, but as a complete holistic experience that includes mind, body and spirit. I would highly recommend Asuka and CymaSonic treatment to someone who is looking to heal the cause of the heath problem on the subconscious energetic level, instead of just treat the visible symptoms on the physical level with western medicine.” Sincerely,

Certified Health Coach, Yoga Instructor.

I had long suffered from knee pain associated with an athletic injury.
A friend of mine suggested that I give CymaSonic treatments a try.
Although skeptical, I nevertheless went forward thanks to the urging of my friend. After my first treatment my knee pain subsided substantially and has not returned. I had a couple of other issues that were treated at the same time. My persistent nasal congestion and associated coughing were also treated and dramatically improved. I would strongly recommend this treatment to those suffering from conditions not adequately treated with traditional medicine.


For corporations, therapists and medical institutions:

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