General information regarding CymaSonic Healing

We support the process of individuals using their own strengths to attain better conditions in the mind and body through the use of a holistic healing approach that helps to normalize the energy balance enveloping the mind, body, and soul.

At no time will we administer medication or conduct any form of massage that involves applying hard pressure. Using specialized equipment, our practitioners transmit a selection of mild vibrations (frequencies) optimal to each part of the body which have a relaxing effect on both the body and mind.
* These vibrations consist of frequencies approximately equal to 10 kHz or less, thus causing no pain during the healing session and can be safely used during pregnancy and for babies and children.

Prior to the session, remove all metal objects including watches, accessories, and belts. Also take off glasses, contacts, and any other corrective lenses. During the session, there may be times that the practitioner touches the body briefly to check muscle tension and transmission of sound. You may become relaxed and sleepy. After the session, you may experience warmth of the body, or in some rare cases, a prolonged floating sensation. These responses post-CymaSonic Healing are reactions that can be observed in the process of your body returning to its original state and should only last for two to three days. Monitor your condition and contact us for any assistance.

Dr. Sir Peter Guy Manners, a British medical doctor and osteopath, developed the fundamental principle* of Cymatics and set numerous precedents for alleviating ailments by conducting research on the notion that each internal system within a healthy living organism emits specific frequencies of compound harmonic sounds in order to shape and maintain itself. CymaSonic Healing uses frequencies developed by Dr. Manners, Dr. Paul Nogier, a French physician known as the “Father of Auriculotherapy,” and other researchers. Further studies and development were made by Yukinori Matsusita, chairman of the Evolved Manners Sound Ltd Japan. Today Dr. Gary Buchanan of the U.S is updating the studies and practices. Their work includes adjustments made for use in modern applications.

* The theory that sound has the property of generating a force field that can create geometric patterns (actually demonstrated by Swiss physician and natural scientist, Dr. Hans Jenny).

While laying flat on the massage table, the practitioner will apply to each part of the body a sensing device  that is specifically designed to transmit sound and vibration.

Session duration ranges from 30 minutes up to 2 hours depending on condition or specific course of treatment.

  • Evaluating condition of each body part via scan & adjusting the balance of the body

    When a practitioner applies specific sound frequencies to the body, the sound waves alter based on the state of health. Utilization of this “Body Scan” feature allows for, among a number of elements,  the assessment of,the current bodily status and recent trends in the body’s condition.

  • Fine tuning the human energy field

    It is said that the human body possesses 8 energy gateways (Chakras) at its core. By applying sound to each part of the body and conducting a body scan, assessment of the energy balance can be made while accelerating the circulation of energy residing both inside and outside the body.

  • Smoothing the energy field that surrounds the body

    The energy field that envelops the body is checked for smoothness and adjusted by applying vibrations, thereby directing the aura towards a balanced state.

A plan will be developed in consultation with the practitioner during the first session. Some examples of plans are:

  • A plan to facilitate improvement of bruises/muscular inflammation over 2~3 sessions

  • Twice a month Beauty Plan

  • A monthly check-up plan for balance maintenance

  • Additional plans include an intensive once a week program tailored for individuals seeking to maintain mind-body balance in conjunction with improving their own healing abilitie

Rebalancing the mind and body

Our therapists strive to enhance your “Self-Healing Ability”, taking into account the conditions listed below.

Practitioners of CymaSonic Healing will at no time be engaged in medical activities. Especially for pregnant women and individuals with psychiatric disorder, idiopathic conditions, and incurable or serious illnesses. For such clients, we require medical clearance from their personal physician prior to making an appointment.

  • Conditions related to the bone, muscle, skin, or internal organs (internal and external secretion, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive system among others)


    Having each organ of the body experience vibrations helps to normalize the body’s balance and functionality while yielding healthy posture and lean muscles. Establishing contact with sound waves also enables you to maintain the highest state of wellness needed for realizing a body that is less susceptible to problems.

  • Beauty options


    Regardless of age or gender, beautiful skin represents overall good health. The vibrations that are felt help to restore the skin, hair, and nails back to their original healthy condition and shining beauty.


    * CymaSonic Healing does not use medical devices or conduct medical treatment related to beauty care.

  • The spirit, body, mind and the five senses: Balancing and more


    Several of the adjustments made include calibration of the energy balance and its channels. Through this process, the practitioner assists you in establishing a mental state in which conditions resulting from issues such as stress and trauma can be overcome with your own powers.  

About our practitioners

Asuka Morii

Since 2003, Asuka has worked for artists with disabilities through nonprofit organizations, educational institutions as well as in one-to-one learning environments. Her goal is to assist them in being able to lead an unrestricted daily life. She has gone beyond borders to help the artists gain an autonomous life by curating their art exhibitions at galleries and gaining sponsors. In the process of supporting them, she began to notice the possibilities in alternative styles of therapy, specifically Cymatic Therapy which is the study of humans and their relationship with sound and vibration created by Dr. Sir Peter Guy Manners. This was further developed by Yukinori Matsushita, chairman of the Evolved Manners Sound Ltd.  While having the privilege of studying under Mr. Matsushita in 2015, Asuka earned the distinction of being recognized as an official sound therapist of Evolved Manners Sound. Since then she has also acquired certification as a Sonatherapist (www.sonatherapy.com) mastering under Steamboat Healing Center representative, Dr. Gary Buchanan. Currently She works in New York City as an official CymaSonic sound therapist to support people who wish to evoke their self-healing capabilities.

Megumi Yamada

President of Nimbus Works LLC, a web communications company. Using her IT background, Megumi conducts research into healing flows that effectively apply frequencies. Megumi overcame uterine fibroids by using an alternative treatment approach that included diet therapy. Through her experience Megumi has come to realize the power of an individual’s self-healing abilities as well as the impact that one’s conscience has on the body. Under the tutelage of Yukino Shirakihara in 2012, she gained awareness of “Magnetic Resonance” while being taught the knowledge of “Kinesiology Brain Gym.” In 2014, Megumi completed the master level in USUI REIKI Ryoho, an alternative therapy recognized by the W.H.O. The following year she acquired the technique of Quantum Healing which provides relief via the effect of terahertz waves on meridians at the Herbal/Acupuncture school in New York. In order to receive training in the Cymatic Therapy methods developed by Dr. Sir Peter Guy Manners, Megumi studied under E-ma Sound’s Yukinori Matsushita who had refined the Manners Method. In 2015 Megumi became a certified Evolutionary Manners Sound Therapist. She completed “Cymatic therapy theory and perspective” with Cymatic therapy training UK in 2016.