Research by Sir Peter Guy Manners, British medical doctor and osteopath

Dr. Sir Peter Guy Manners, a British medical doctor and osteopath, developed the fundamental principle* of Cymatics and set numerous precedents for alleviating ailments by conducting research on the notion that each internal system within a healthy living organism emits specific frequencies of compound harmonic sounds in order to shape and maintain itself.

Namely from observing that different regions of the body varied in their response to each sound wave/frequency, he was able to identify the locations via responses/resonances. Furthermore Dr. Manners’ research revealed that the sound consisted of not one, but multiple frequencies, which was verified through actual practice.

* The theory that sound has the property of generating a force field that can create geometric patterns (actually demonstrated by Swiss physician and natural scientist, Dr. Hans Jenny).

Human body and vibration

Extensive research has been conducted on the link between the physical body and sound waves. In particular, studies that focused on the relationship between proteins in the human body and frequencies are especially interesting.

The Bioelectrics Research Center at Kumamoto University in Japan (http://www.ipps.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/BERC/index_en.html) has shown that it is possible to impact biopolymers and organelles, including protein molecules, with unique stress using pulsed electric fields.

In 2014, scientists from the University at Buffalo and Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute found (http://www.buffalo.edu/news/releases/2014/01/012.html) that vibrations, which were previously thought to dissipate quickly in the human body, continue to persist in molecules like the “ringing of a bell.”

The discovery was made possible by using the property that proteins “vibrate at the same frequency as the light they absorb” to observe vibrations at the molecular level.

As described by University at Buffalo physics professor  Andrea Markelz, the “tiny motions enable proteins to change shape quickly so they can readily bind to other proteins, a process that is necessary for the body to perform critical biological functions like absorbing oxygen, repairing cells and replicating DNA.”

What is resonance phenomenon?

Depending on frequency of sound waves, the locations of the human body that react to vibrations differ.

For example, when a high whistle sound is heard, the acute pitch reverberates sharply in the ear. On the other hand, a low-pitched sound or heavy bass tone, such as of drums or disco, tends to resonate more with the torso/stomach area.

CymaSonic Healing uses these “resonance phenomena.” We recover normal frequencies by triggering the creation of such resonance phenomena at each area of the body that is experiencing discomfort. We use frequencies researched by Dr. Manners and others.  

There is a video that describes this “resonance phenomena” using tuning forks.

Two tuning forks of the same type are present. When one of them is tapped and starts to vibrate, the other one resonates/reacts to the vibration and also begins to emit sound. If the tuning forks are different, this particular occurrence does not materialize.