Answers to frequently asked questions

All about CymaSonic

Where does CymaSonic come from?

Basic principles are derived from research carried out on Cymatic Therapy by Dr. Sir Peter Guy Manners of the UK until  his death in 2009.

How is it different from “music therapy”?

Music therapy is an application of physiological, psychological, and sociological effects gained from listening to or playing music. CymaSonic Healing applies “sound and vibration” to the human body and the electromagnetic field surrounding it, thereby facilitating the alleviation of areas of discomfort/unbalanced regions of the body.

How many sessions are needed?

When conditions are mild, two sessions are usually held for making improvements and conducting a follow-up. For cases that require improving one’s physical condition or involve symptoms such as inflammation, approximately one to two sessions are conducted over a two-week period. However, in some situations several months may be needed depending on the severity. The practitioner will make the plan based on the initial discussion of conditions and outcome of the session.

Representative cases and age requirements for undergoing a session

Is it possible to undergo a session while being treated for a condition or taking medication?

It is possible, however, please make reservations only after you have had a discussion with your doctor and received clearance.

Is it possible to undergo a session during pregnancy?

As sound waves of approximately 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz are employed, use in prenatal care is also popular. Please discuss with your personal physician first before making an appointment.

Can babies, children, and elderly people receive CymaSonic Healing?

Yes – sessions are open to all regardless of age or gender. Minors undergoing a session are required to have their guardian’s consent.

Can pets receive CymaSonic Healing?

CymaSonic Healing can be applied to animals such as dogs, cats, and horses, but please consult with us first as there are limitations in terms of the type, size, etc that can be accommodated.

Plans we offer

Can I receive the optional facial by itself?

Though the option is typically only available when combined with other plans, contact us if you are interested in receiving it by itself.

  • When combining with the general plan, facial can be added for $55.
  • When  with a check-up or trial plan, the usual price of $70 will be charged for a facial.
  • Facial is included in the complete plan.

What payment methods are available?

Choose from either cash, check, or credit card to make payment for the full session amount prior to your appointment. Please note, reservations are not considered complete until the full amount is received. After we receive your information via the contact form, one of our practitioners will contact you to confirm the appointment date and method of payment.

I have already undergone a session. Which plan should I choose next?

Please select either the general plan or the complete plan. If the state of balance of your body is good, switching to the monthly check-up plan may also be possible.

Other questions

Are there any preparation recommendations for before and after the session?

There are no problems with having meals before or after the session. During and after the session, you may at times feel sleepy. We recommend having a schedule that allows enough rest after the session.

What are the locations?

Locations include New York City, Connecticut, and parts of New Jersey. (Depending on the date, major cities in Japan may also be possible). Sessions can be held at the client’s home, rental space, or at a location designated by the practitioner. Let us know which area you reside in and we can discuss the details with you. If using a rental space, the cost of rental is borne by the client. For onsite sessions, travel costs to and from the session site for the practitioner and an onsite session fee will both be borne by the client.