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I feel fortunate that I have come across CymaSonic treatment on my journey to healing. Asuka is a lovely therapist with her knowledgeable diligence and gentle touch, I was able to deeply relax, let go of all the tension that I was holding and went into meditative state during the session. I was able to experience the healing effect in just one session, as I felt reborn with renewed energy. Sound not only helped to induce relaxation, but also has a way of moving through areas of blockage. These energetic blockages can be located in our physical bodies, or our subtle bodies. The subtle body holds imbalances and past traumas that can eventually manifest in our physical bodies, which is why it's important to look at healing and balance not only from a physical perspective, but as a complete holistic experience that includes mind, body and spirit. I would highly recommend Asuka and CymaSonic treatment to someone who is looking to heal the cause of the heath problem on the subconscious energetic level, instead of just treat the visible symptoms on the physical level with western medicine.
testimonial author
Certified Health Coach, Yoga Instructor
It felt really good during the CymaSonic session while the sound was being applied and each place that received it seemed to feel slightly warmer, making for a relaxing experience. Also I was very satisfied with the utilized techniques as weak areas of the body were accurately analyzed just by the use of sound. I was able to discover the results after going to the restroom at the end of the session. As I looked into the mirror I realized, “Why, I look younger!” To my surprise the corner of my eyes were raised, the swelling was gone, and I looked refreshed.
As I had not heard beforehand about CymaSonic being effective for improving appearance in particular, I was quite amazed since I had no such expectations. In the world of cosmetic treatments there are methods such as lymph drainage that involve carrying away waste from tissues and Gua Sha which improves the flow of energy and blood, and CymaSonic does indeed provide similar effects. In spas when you encounter master aestheticians that could be said to have extremely gifted hands, your face feels rejuvenated and younger, but it was a pleasant surprise that a similar effect could be achieved with sound waves. In my own opinion, I felt that perhaps CymaSonic had the effect of enhancing the self-recovery ability of cells. Seems there is a mechanism to invigorate cells, revitalize flow using sound waves. It may be that reinvigoration of cells coupled with improvement in the flow of lymph and blood circulation give suppleness to the skin.
I think CymaSonic is a method that empowers the potential of an individual’s cells, the innate life force. The “Sound Food” that I received then was something that was filled with exquisitiveness and deliciousness that permeated throughout my body and soul. It was an experience that made me want to live in tune with beautiful wave motions.
testimonial author
Eri Kurobe
Writer in NY who has written numerous articles that involve wellness and beauty in magazines such as WWD Beauty, VOCE, and MyAge.
I experienced CymaSonic during a time when I was preparing to move to Japan and was feeling tired. After discussing my conditions, the practitioner read the state of my mind and body. My body, which was slanted to the right, was placed back in center.
At first I felt like I was sinking, which naturally caused my body to shake a little, and then it felt like I was returning to my original state due to the sound. Next, it started to feel as if both of my hands and my whole body were floating, like my soul was going to leave somewhere, but I was brought back by the voice of the practitioner.
I was asked if a lot of things had happened to me at ages of 3, 8, and 38. I didn’t have any memories from age 3, but when I was 8 I did recall having to take the train every week to go to a special hospital for treating heart disease. When I was 38 my wife was diagnosed with cancer, and I was surprised and in almost disbelief that all these things could be known. Sound helped to clear up the memories. Next, I had my internal organs checked and sure enough I was drinking too much, and all organs beginning with the liver were showing fatigue. These conditions were likewise adjusted with the use of sound. Lastly, the spine was looked at and final adjustments were made before ending the session. A method that is in tune with continuous murmur (sound waves) possessed by everything was intriguing.
My body seemed light and I felt refreshed after the session. Became really motivated to do a planned move to a new apartment (was feeling desperate). The sciatica pain on my right side that I was a little worried about didn’t bother me anymore. After the move, felt tired but pleasant. Noticed that I could slip right into jeans that used to be tight, felt really great from getting rid of all the clutter! I gained momentum for moving on to the next step. I pray that natural healing methods that do not rely on medication becomes widespread.
With gratitude and appreciation.
testimonial author
Atsuji Goto
Chiropractor, Mutsuu Innate Chiropractic
I had a sound therapy treatment during last August after I had been hospitalized for a blood condition. At one point I was in the hospital for 9 days. In my case, I was open to trying a new therapy because traditional medicine relies on chemotherapy and other strong pharmaceutical products to treat my condition. The entire ordeal in the hospital was very stressful. Shortly after being discharged, I tried the sound therapy. It helped calm me and I felt very relaxed during the process. I encourage anyone evaluating alternative therapies to consider the CymaSonic method. Stress may cause additional diseases so it is important for anyone suffering from a disease to find ways to relax and be calm. This is crucial to to the healing process.
testimonial author
While sound was being applied to my body, internally it felt lively, as if cells in my body were saying “wow.” They were probably rejoicing. Also if felt like returning to the soil. Being one with Earth. Gradually melting into space. Skin is absorbed into air and feels as if the body ceases to exist. Afterwards, for a few days the feeling of weightlessness, as if the body is floating, doesn’t go away. Stomach gets upset a little, the body is re-energized. I think my body was trying to get used to the cycle of the new sound. The period of a little over a week after the session was a time for adjusting to new sensations. I suppose it is similar to getting your hands used to a new musical instrument. Between the body and mind, I am very grateful that this type of communication can be made possible. Something akin to a newlywed couple. As a result of having sound applied to my body, my mental senses have become more sharper. It is truly a wonderful gift for a performer such as myself.
testimonial author
Yuriko Miyake
Dancer, singer, actress
Natural remedies used for medical practice are often questioned and usually displaced in society. Running to CVS for an Advil every time you do yard work has become the social norm. Hell, its been relieving pain from joints and calming a throbbing head for the past couple of decades. Medicine works. There's no hiding that nor denying. There's also no denying that anti-inflammatory medication gradually wares on your insides and actually causes ironically unhealthy affect on your body.
So, understanding this I've stopped taking over the counter drugs as much as I can. Ultimately making me just suck up aches and pains that sports I've played in high school and college had riddled my body with. Fortunately, I was introduced to CymaSonic therapy. Naturally, I was a bit skeptical at first. After a quick 30min session that focused on treating my lower back I was a believer. The pain that had haunted me for close to a decade had wicked away like it was all a bad dream. I'm not prepared to sit here and confess that it cured me for life, because it didn't. BUT, I was walking like my upper body was floating for the next couple of days. I'm sure that if I keep up the treatment the outcome would be very promising. Also, during my treatment my therapist had identified my liver to have a low frequency which explains my constant fatigue. She treated it for me and I could barely sleep that night! I've also heard that it can help lose body fat while you lay down!
I truly believe that CymaSonic is a revolutionary medicinal exercise that should be revealed to the world. This will be a serious game changer!!
testimonial author
Yoda N.
Construction Manager
I had long suffered from knee pain associated with an athletic injury.
A friend of mine suggested that I give CymaSonic treatments a try.
Although skeptical, I nevertheless went forward thanks to the urging of my friend. After my first treatment my knee pain subsided substantially and has not returned. I had a couple of other issues that were treated at the same time. My persistent nasal congestion and associated coughing were also treated and dramatically improved. I would strongly recommend this treatment to those suffering from conditions not adequately treated with traditional medicine.
testimonial author
I had 90 minutes of blissful experience with sound therapy. Asuka with her gentle touch and knowledge brought my body into balance.
i could notice my stress level reduced in a very short time and i was able to experience delicate flow of energy.
Among many benefits Sound therapy is a great tool to reduce stress, melancholy and bring body into balance.
The session is very pleasant and a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with your body. Thank you.
testimonial author
Sophia, Choose To Blossom
Certified nutrition & lifestyle coach, detox specialist
I didn’t have any noticeable health issues but I decided to give it a shot and see what it has to offer. Unexpectedly I realized the change the next day - I was a light smoker and I started to feel like not smoking at all. When I felt like I needed to take a break from work which was one of the typical occasions that I used to be smoking, somewhat felt that cigarettes are gross and so I naturally ended up choosing not to smoke. The outcome might be different if you are a heavy smoker, but I’m sure it would have some impact after a few sessions. Overall, the session was relaxing and I felt rested and refreshed afterwards like yoga, which was a nice bonus.
testimonial author

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